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It’s all in your hands: hand-held DC fastening equipment

Hand-held fastening tools come as angled nut runners, in-line nut runners and pistol grip tools. A complete programme of bit drives guarantees access to every conceivable screw fastener. The tools and bit drives are perfectly matched, and this optimises their operation and extends the system’s service life.

Angled nut runner: right into the furthest corner
up to 400 Nm ⋅ up to 2,110 rpm

Compact, lightweight and fast – the angled nut runner is the ideal solution for places which are hard to get to. Our angled nut runners are intuitive to use and can be used up to a torque of 60 Nm without a support. Contact-free switches as well as the high-quality gearing ensure a long service life. Everything integrated into a robust and ergonomic housing.

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In-line nut runner: the all-rounder
up to 2,000 Nm ⋅ up to 2,300 rpm

Ideal if there is direct access to the screw. Due to its large torque range, it can be used quite flexibly from small assembly jobs up to large bolted connections, with its compact design always being easy to use. Bright LEDs at the front by the bit drive ensure that the working location is ideally lit. Its long service life is achieved by contact-free switches and high-quality gearing.

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Pistol grip tools: the ergonomic ones
up to 105 Nm ⋅ up to 2,300 rpm

No hand-held nut runner lies as nicely in your hand as the pistol grip tool. However, it is only suitable for screw connections which are horizontally accessible at the worker’s height. Bright LEDs help the user during assembly – for example inside vehicles. From a torque of 7 Nm, our ec-tubes should be used for support. Our pistol grip tools also have contact-free switches and high-quality gearing to increase their service life.

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Adaptors and special bit drives
up to 380 Nm ⋅ up to 990 rpm

We offer numerous adaptors and special bit drives for every fastening application.

  • Low-profile bit drive
  • Hold and Drive
  • Integrated socket
  • Pipe nut adaptor

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