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Everything in balance – with our ec-tubes

As torque supports, our ec-tubes have the job of balancing the weight between the fastening tool and the worker using it. It must always be possible to easily and safely move the tool, even for high torques. Workers are protected from fatigue, their safety is increased and the work is easier.

It is good to know that if we modify ec-tubes for particular customer requirements, no additional costs are incurred!

An innovation which we developed ourselves: CARBON ec-tubes

Invented at ec-tecs and developed with leading manufacturers of carbon fibre products: the mounts can be rotated through 360°, it is very easy to use and the whole unit is very strong. A special technique which prevents the metal bushes from being torn out ensures a significant increase in service life. The CARBON ec-tubes are suitable for torques of up to 600 Nm.

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The indestructables: STEEL ec-tubes

These inline-telescopes withstand even extremely forces without effort. They can be used quite flexibly in all fields of application, even for assembly of heavy construction machines. Our STEEL ec-tubes are ideally suited for very high torques of up to 1,500 Nm.